Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sleep Sweet Sleep

As I write this, I'm holding my breath. It's been about thirty minutes since I laid Baby Bird down for a nap. Naps are fleeting events in our house. Somewhere between 30-45 minutes in, the sleep cycle ends and Bird rouses from his naps. On the rare occasion, my attempts to pat him back to sleep work. Sometimes the short naps seem adequate, and other days they do not. I try not to stress about it - I am doing all I can to make nap time work for him, and perhaps he is just a short napper. Eventually, it won't matter anyway.

Night time sleep is less than ideal here, too. We are fresh off a streak of what we've dubbed, "Party Baby" nights. That's when he wakes for a feeding in play mode and has no desire to go back to sleep. It can take upwards of an hour to get him to settle back into sleep. There were quite a few Party Baby nights in the weeks that passed.

BUT (and I hesitate to proclaim this publicly at all, but I'm just so excited), we may have turned a corner, at least for now. For three nights running,  we have had no party baby. Two night wakings to quickly eat (last night, only one), and that's it. I can definitely get by on this much sleep for now. Last night I got FIVE UNINTERRUPTED HOURS of sleep (Bird slept 8 hours before his first waking). After that, I got another two hours before I had to get up.  And then yesterday, we had two naps that were longer than an hour each. He awoke happy and rested each time.

Please say some prayers, or send some good vibes into the universe, or do your Sleep Dance for us. We could really use a fairly long stretch of good sleep before the next disruption kicks in. And it will - there are always sleep disruptions.

Still holding my breath, but we are 40 minutes into this nap now....

**Somewhat rude disclaimer** Please withhold your nap-time and sleepy time advice. I think at this point, I have read/heard/considered it all, but ultimately what we are doing for now works for us. 

A much younger napping Baby Bird


Sonja said...

Napping looks EXACTLY the same at our house - one sleep cycle length (I can set my watch by it), then back up and ready to go. How long do you find Baby Bird is able to stay up now between naps? I feel like Holden needs longer naps as he gets increasingly irritable more quickly as the day rolls on, but I'm lucky if we get one longer nap a day. As a result, he's taking 4-5 naps a day sometimes! I find too that the pat-to-sleep method sometimes works, but not always. At any rate, hope that nap ended up going well for you today :-)

Amy said...

Sounds like Baby Bird is settling into a better sleep routine. Fingers crossed for you all!

Kel said...

You know napping is the same in our house! You are so very right, though, that in time it won't matter. Until then, us sleepy mamas can relate!

Tiffanie A said...

Adorable picture!

Kim said...

@Sonja - Isn't is frustrating some days? I find we rarely get more than 2 hours between naps. It used to be that the 30 minute naps were fine in terms of him getting enough sleep, but lately he has been soooo cranky when he starts getting tired. From 4 to bedtime he is just whiney and fussy the entire time.

@Amy - we hope so! Night sleep has improved.

@Kel - Misery loves company, right?

@Tiffanie - Thanks! :)