Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Mama Manifesto

  1. I believe first and foremost in trusting my motherly instincts to guide me, especially in difficult times.
  2. I respond to my child's needs to the best of my ability. I do not believe in letting my children cry without comfort.
  3. Silliness always has a place in my home.
  4. I believe in breastfeeding for my family, but I don't judge you on how you feed yours.
  5. I do what works for my family, regardless of how many times I may have said I would 'never' do something.
  6. I believe in being a confident mother who is passionate about mothering.
  7. I prefer to approach children's health from a holistic point of view and using natural solutions where possible.
  8. I will foster a sense of independence in my child by fulfilling his needs, allowing him to explore, and guiding his development. This does not mean allowing him to do as he pleases, as wants are different than needs.
  9. My house is filled with clutter because it is filled with love first and foremost - that is to say that I don't care too much for the housekeeping when I can be spending quality time with my little man.

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