Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beautiful moments

From his room, at 4:22am, I hear him play, then start to cry and stop himself to chant Mama! Mama! Mama!. Then when I gather him in my arms, an excited, emphatic MAMA! before he latches and drinks milk. Then he is still, fitting perfectly in my arms.

His body weight against my body as he leans back and we become absorbed in a world of "I Already Know I Love You" and "Barnyard Dance". I read, "With a baa and a moo and a cockadoodledoo, everybody promenade two by two," and he pulls out his pacifier to parrot, "cockadoodledoo."

He nurses and rubs his eyes before his nap. We are still, and content, and sleepy. Suddenly he pops off to sing, "Mop, mop, mop!". I wonder what he is thinking about; what his thoughts and imagination consists of in the moment.

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