Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Six Months Old

Baby Bird is SIX months old today! Where on earth did the time go?

He can:

  • Sit up unsupported for more than ten minutes at a time - as long as he has something to keep his attention.
  • Bang his toys together.
  • Squeal, laugh, and tell great stories.
  • Squirm/army crawl toward something he really wants.
  • Stand with little help from us, and bounce.
  • Pass things from hand to hand
  • Use his pincer grip to pick up some objects.
He likes:

  • Mama, Mama's hair, Mama's milk, Mama's cuddles. Yup, it seems six months is a really strong attachment phase. 
  • Daddy, Daddy's silliness, Daddy's strong arms. Once again, a strong attachment phase.
  • Being out and about, observing. 
  • His jumperoo
  • Watching out the window.
  • Grass outside
  • Walks in the stroller
  • Shopping with Mama on her hip in the sling.
  • is happy
  • is curious
  • seems extroverted so far
  • gets frustrated if he wants to do something that is not yet in his skill set
  • is trying very hard to crawl
  • will be trying solid food for the first time this weekend, as he will stop what he is doing no matter how much fun he was having if someone is eating
  • loves meeting new people and generally greets them with a smile


Amy said...

Such a handsome little dude! Hope he likes his solids!

Brandy Wenzel said...

Can't wait to hear how much he likes solids! Emmalyn has yet to try a new food she doesn't like.. even the GREEN ones ;) YUCK!
Your on the ball.. I've yet to post about Emmalyn's 6 months.. and she's 6 mo.. 2days