Thursday, November 1, 2012

Side Note

My dearest mommy friends, has anyone outside of your spouse ever told you that you are doing a wonderful job raising your children?

The resident doctor who was working with the GI specialist at the hospital today was so taken with Baby Bird. He was such a great patient, smiling through her pokes and prods. She was sure to tell us that we are doing a wonderful job with him - he is happy, growing strong and thriving. She enjoyed that we have him in (adorable) cloth diapers and that we have already taken so many steps to reduce his reflux discomfort.

Anyway, the point is, we as mothers (and fathers too) spend much of our time worrying and fretting that we are making the wrong choices for our babies. This is especially true of new parents, and parents of babies with health problems.  Sometimes, hearing the words that affirm you are, in fact, a good parent come from an utter stranger's mouth - somebody who owes you nothing - is a powerful force. For me, today, it was very powerful. Between her kind words, and the doctor reassuring us that Bird is okay, I am hoping to be able to enjoy motherhood even more.

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