Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being a Grown-Ass Woman

So it's Thursday of my first week as a homemaker, and my first week of getting my shit in gear. This week, I acted as a responsible adult (except for one small PMS-triggered mini-tantrum) and did stuff. Like, stuff other than/concurrent with mothering. And you know what? It's not half bad. The important thing to mention is that I still was responsive to Baby Bird, and since much of this was done with him in his carrier or in his high chair right next to me, I was probably actually more responsive than if we were just sitting around all day.

  • I meal-planned on Tuesday
  • I grocery-shopped avec Baby Bird Wednesday
  • We attended a story time at the library on Wednesday and our cloth-diapering playgroup today
  • I have done multiple loads of laundry, including stripping the diapers.
  • I strapped Baby Bird into his Beco carrier and vacuumed. I'd been afraid of doing this because I HATED the vacuum as a small child so I assumed he would wig out. Instead, he chatted to me and to the vacuum, enjoying himself thoroughly.
  • I cleaned the kitchen roughly 80,000 times. Between grabbing quick food for myself and feeding Baby Bird, I cannot keep my kitchen clean. It's a perpetual mess. I confess, it drives me crazy to have a messy kitchen.
  • I actually am cooking a meal right now.
  • I MADE MY HUSBAND'S LUNCH FOR WORK. I literally NEVER make him his lunch because I hate how it feels to make a man's lunch. He is a grown-ass man, he can pack his own damn lunch. But this morning, he got up super early to shovel and he was running later getting back in. I wanted to make sure he'd have enough time to get ready so I made his lunch and his tea in the travel mug.
  • I'm sure I've done more, and I could visit my weekly goals list to find out what the forgotten items are, but I don't feel like it.
So. It looks like after ten months of slovenliness and excuses, I am finally figuring out that I'm perfectly capable of running my household without neglecting my mothering duties. #Winning.


gracer45 said...

Rawwwr!! Go you... and me!

I've been off all week - my kitchen has been clean ALL WEEK! I love, love LOVE waking up to a clean kitchen!

I make Brad's bagel and coffee every morning now the past few weeks, and make/assemble his lunch 75% of the time, and my own 90% of the time (now the only exception to that is if I am between nights and he is home all day, he will make mine - a far cry from when I literally made mine never).

I also made supper every day this week, except one day we made it together, and I got a lot of other baby/house/financial prep done.

Might have gone psycho tonight on a Costco-sized box of K Cups that wasn't arranged by type, but that's just me!

Hope I can get back to this level of productivity quickly after Bean is born - hopefully getting it started now will help with that.

Go you!

Amy said...

Meal planning is such a lifesaver. I started doing it in the fall and it has saved us grocery money, wasted food, and hours of "what do you want to eat?" "I don't know, what do you want to eat?" endless discussions every night.

So happy you're able to do what feels right for you and Baby Bird and hubby! It sounds like you're really getting into the swing of things!