Sunday, November 25, 2012

8 Months!

I hesitated to write this post for fear that I was going to jinx us, but it seems Baby Bird it outgrowing his reflux! Life is much easier, and he's just like any other baby now.

Baby Bird is 8 months old now. He is so much fun!
  • He is chattering up a storm! Most importantly (to me), he says, "Mama!". And now, when I ask him to say it, he does.
  • He is trying so very hard to become mobile. He's really strong and is constantly trying to flip himself around and squirm his way to whatever he's looking for.
  • He has a smile that lights up my life. Unfortunately, we have trouble catching it on camera.
He WAS having fun, I promise. Then right after this photo was taken, he got cold and his bottom lip shook.

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Amy said...

So glad to hear the reflux has gotten better. He's adorable!