Sunday, July 22, 2012

Favourite Baby Products - First Edition

Babies require an absolute TONNE of stuff. They're sneaky that way - all tiny and precious, invading your heart and your home, whether you like it or not. There are oodles of things that I passed on, such as bottle sterilizers, and still more things that I bought used because the value was much better. Regardless, here's a list of my favourite baby things right now.

The Infantino Music & Motion Activity Gym

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I bought this used for $15 when Baby Bird was a month old, and he absolutely loves it. The monkey at the top spins and plays music when wound up. I've watched him have so many "firsts" on this play-gym. Then, when the spinning monkey broke, my husband called Infantino's customer service to request a new spinning monkey, which they promptly shipped. One day, a huge unexplained package delivery showed up, and it was a whole entire new play gym. I loves me some good customer service, and Infantino has it.

The Graco Lovin' Hug Swing

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Baby Bird did not like the swing in the beginning, but now it is a trusted friend in our home. But the real win for this product was the customer service we received from Graco when the motor broke (it was probably my fault, I did something dumb). They shipped a new motor, free of charge, and we received it within a week of calling.  The swing can operate both on batteries and by plug (I highly recommend spending extra on a swing that can be plugged in), had 6 speeds, white noise, and a loop of classical songs and lullabies.

The Lulujo Ring Sling

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The ring sling is a new addition to my favourite products list. I bought it only about a week ago. Baby Bird LOVES sitting in the sling, facing out. It's perfect for shopping, as I can push a cart and carry bags without the extra burden of the infant car seat. We have several different baby carriers, but this is by far my favourite for ease of use and for being able to carry baby without sweating up a storm. Added bonuses: they are made in Atlantic Canada, and come in a variety of gorgeous colours and prints. Lulujo ships internationally.

The Bravado Nursing Bra

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Nursing bras are often less than flattering, and the ones I bought before Baby Bird was born were no exception.  I had heard fantastic things about Bravado's line of nursing bras, and once I finally tracked them down locally, I was not disappointed. My Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is very comfortable, actually holds my substantial bust up where it's supposed to be, and comes in colours other than simply black, white, and beige. They have some prettier styles than this one, as well, but this one worked for my big milky boobs. It also came with rings to replace the nursing clips once Baby Bird weans, and I happen to think it will make a great comfortable bra when that day comes.

Tell me about the products that got you through the early days with your baby, or baby product companies that went above and beyond to replace a defective product.


Dee said...

We have that SAME play mat and I love it! Bravado is also my favorite for nursing bras - but Medela had these nursing tanks that were my favorite with #2 - it had lace at the top and the bottom. I also love our mamaroo!

Kim said...

I haven't seen the Medela tanks around here - but I love the idea of the lace!