Friday, July 27, 2012

Liebster Award

Tiffanie over at Life with the Little Man bestowed a blog award upon me! Hop on over and show her blog some love, folks; she is great.

What is the Liebster Award you might ask? Liebster means "dearest, beloved, or favorite" in German.  This award is awarded from one blogger to another as a way to give a shout-out, of sorts, to up and coming blogs of 200 or fewer followers.

When accepting the award, I am asked to:
  • Post 11 random facts about myself
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers and tag them in my post.
  • Tell the chosen bloggers that I’ve tagged them.
  • Answer 11 questions the tagger has asked me, and give 11 questions to the people I’ve tagged. I'm not allowed to tag back the blogger who chose me

11 Random Facts about Moi:
My Baby Bird Tattoo

(1) I'm from a fishing village outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I really didn't enjoy growing up there. I moved out as soon as I could.

(2)  I have two tattoos (one is memorial, another is for Baby Bird) and my nose pierced. 

(3)  I absolutely love McDonald's cheeseburgers, but I hate all other types of burgers, including homemade. Gross, I know, but I really enjoy the delicious grease. 

(4)  I started taking ballet lessons in January 2011, stopped in June, and will be returning in September. 

(5)  I used to play the piano and the clarinet. I say "used to" because I never make the time to do so anymore. 

(6)  I got my private pilot's license in 2003, but didn't continue flying due to the cost of renting planes. 

(7)  I was in Air Cadets as a teenager, and was terribly shy before I joined the program. Now I love public speaking (weird, right?).

(8)   I'm an only child - as a child, it didn't bother me at all, but as an adult, I wish I had a sibling. 

(9)  I love swimming and water sports. 

(10)  I have travelled to the United States, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and France. So far, London, England is my favourite city. 

(11)  I am absolutely terrified of death - funeral homes and all things funeral-related creep me out.

The 11 Questions that Tiffanie at Life with the Little Man has asked of her recipients:

(1.) Why did you start blogging? 
I'm always drafting written words in my mind, so blogging seemed like the perfect outlet for all that. I find blogging instead of keeping a personal journal helps me to frame everything in a more positive and constructive way, and if I just happen to help out someone else going through similar struggles, all the better.

(2.) Pop or Coke.... or just soda? 

(3.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I'd like to be a business owner and have two children in five years.
(4.) What state are you from? Do you like living there? 
I'm Canadian, and from Nova Scotia. I love Nova Scotia for so many reasons, but I'm starting to feel like I could use a change. K. is in the Royal Canadian Air Force, so forced change in surroundings is never too far in the future. If only I could transplant all my family and friends when the time comes to move.

(5.) Favorite song your digging right now?
 I really like Loveless by Said The Whale

(6.) What was your favorite vacation?
 So far, our whirlwind 48 hour trip to London, England to see U2 is my favourite. It was a surprise trip for me (K. is the best hubby ever. Believe that.), an incredible city, and the whole experience was amazing.

(7.) Are you a crafty person? 
No. I try from time to time, but something almost always goes poorly and looks sloppy.

(8.) What type of things do you blog about?
 I blog about my little boy and family, life as a mama, and do the occassional product review when the urge strikes.

(9.) Do you have any social media spots for your blog? 
I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest - all the links are over the right-hand side.

(10.) Do you prefer to read the book or wait for the movie? 
It depends. If I knew about the movie first, I like to watch it and then read the book (because the book is ALWAYS better, except in the case of Nicholas Sparks books). 

(11.) Favorite snack? 
I like all of the snacks. Nom nom nom.

11 Fabulous blogger to whom I'm passing along the Liebster award:

Ang @ Juggling Act
Lacey @ ...And They Call Me Mommy
Jennifer @ Grits and Moxie
Nadette @ Eat, Read, Rant!
Natasha @ Bridges Freeze First
Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity 
Sinead @ Sinead in the Sun
Kendra @ Loose Leaf Dreams
Jess @ Jess and the Boys
Sami @ The Lotus Thrives Away
Caitlin @ The Little Mama

And finally, the 11 Questions you need to answer if you're receiving the Liebster Blog Award from me:

  1. What is your favourite blog post that you've written so far? Link it here.
  2. If you could re-live your high school years, would you?
  3. Sweet or salty foods?
  4. Did your family have pets when you were growing up?
  5. What is your number one can't-live-without item while travelling?
  6. Do you prefer to fly or drive when taking trips?
  7. What is the square root of 81? (Haha..the real question is do you like math?)
  8. When did you write your first blog post ever (even if it was a blog before this one)?
  9. Do you enjoy working out, or is it something you have to make yourself do?
  10. What is your favourite meal?
  11. Have you ever visited my home turf, Nova Scotia?


Sarah Evans said...

Hey thanks so much for the award!! I have already been given a Liebster, but it's such a nice one that I'm happy to have two :)

I am moving house today so this has added a little sparkle to an otherwise kinda stressful day!


Eloise - jazzlipsandtulips said...

You have your pilots license! That is amazing! Also I love finding other people who have started ballet later in life, I've been missing out on so much!! Loving your blog :) xo Eloise

Tiffanie A said...

I used to play piano too! I enjoyed reading about ya!

Sadie Crookston said...

Love this. McDonald's cheese burgers are my fav too :)