Sunday, July 22, 2012

Impromtu Date Night

K. and I ended up having an impromptu date night at home last night.  Things have been wiggly-whack lately, so quality time alone together has been minimal. Baby Bird goes to bed early enough that we can claim a few hours almost every night, but due to crankiness and lack of effort, we haven't been doing anything but sit in front of our devices all night.

Last night we were in decent moods, and feeling a bit silly, so we baked a cake, watched some shows from last week's recorded goods (Have you seen Rookie Blue? It's Canadian, so not sure if my American friends have it on your networks, but it's a great cop show), and then watched Super 8 on Netflix.  All in all, a very successful, unplanned, date night.

Photo Credit: Liam @ Applehead Studio
From our wedding in June 2010. We're nothing if not goofballs and soul mates.

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