Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday - Piercing bumps and Babies and Puppies

I call Mondays "Manic Mondays" because I plan to be ALL OVER THE MAP and bounce from tidbit to tidbit.

  • I got my nose pierced a few months ago, and now I totally have "the bump" beside the piercing. I accidentally yanked it about half out when wiping a runny nose a few weeks ago. After picking up some tea tree oil (which I was secretly just wanting a reason to buy for years), it seems to be improving. There will be no photo of the bump, and for that, you're welcome.
  • Baby Bird loves laying on a blanket outdoors and feeling the breeze. He smiles up a storm out there. 
How adorable is this piggy blanket! It was a hand-me-down which I fell in love with. 
  • Hubby and I were supposed to see the new Batman movie yesterday, but due to some illness we were out babysitting. So, K went with a friend (which I'm happy about - he totally deserves to go out without me and Bird but never does) while I went shopping with Bird.  I only half wanted to see the movie anyway, since such movies aren't really my thing.
  • Baby Bird got some new toys today! He didn't have much that is age-appropriate before 6 months. Does anyone listen to those age thingies on the boxes? I totally do, but I can't always understand the difference between why something is appropriate for 3+ months or 6+ months.
This little guy is Jacques the Peacock.
I have been obsessed with getting Jacques for Baby Bird for about a month now. Don't ask me why I NEEDED to buy him this toy, but I did.

A cute piano-thinger for Baby Bird
I wanted to get Baby Bird something for tummy time, because he is just so bored of everything else.
  • Funny story about Jacques the Peacock - I bought him, along with a Pepsi - at a department store yesterday. When the cashier rang it up, I wasn't really paying attention, but it sounded like she said $2.09. Jacques was a solid $22 toy, so I had no idea what happened and I wasn't thinking fast - like I said, wasn't paying attention. So I paid, left (thinking if it really didn't ring up, it would set off the theft sensors at the door, which is didn't), and looked at the receipt only to find that the peacock didn't scan. Why she didn't catch her error, I have no idea. I pondered for a few minutes - I got out free and clear with a free toy, through no fault of my own. Do we keep it and say nothing? So I texted my sister-in-law with a "What would you do?". As soon as I hit send, it struck me that if I even had to ask what I should do, then I should clearly take it back and pay. So I did - otherwise I'd have felt terrible.
  • K and I took Baby Bird to church yesterday - an Anglican parish in our neighbourhood. We aren't really church-going folks, but Baby Bird needs to be baptized, and I also believe he should be raised going to church so that he learns about the faith he will be raised in, and later on in life he can decide for himself whether church is for him (or synagogue, or temple, or whatever he chooses). We went to the 8:30am service, and apparently that is the "sedate" service (otherwise known as the senior's service, judging by the other parishioners in attendance). We were welcomed warmly and I plan to return.
  • Baby Bird met a puppy on Friday! The puppy is a Golden Retriever - Nova Scotia Duck Toller mix, and he belongs to my friend Erin.
Baby Bird with Brooks


Tiffanie A said...

Love your Manic Mondays!
Also.... I am super jealous of your grass!. I know... weird right...we have had NO rain so all of our grass is now brown and crispy!

Kim said...

Thank you! I love update posts because I get to be all over the map.
We just got some rain for the first time in weeks last week, and this is in a normally-shaded spot, so the grass hadn't died yet :).