Monday, July 23, 2012

Sock Monkey Shenanigans

One of the things I really wanted to do for Baby Bird was make him something. Since I'm not in the least bit crafty, I thought one of these sew your own sock monkey kits from local company The Monkey Show would be perfect. The pieces are all pre-cut and sewn, and it comes with stuffing, button eyes, and needle and thread. After the monkey is brought to life by needle and thread, one can visit The Monkey Show website to register the monkey and create its profile.
The kit before I tackled the project
Unfortunately, I'm not the world's best seamstress, and the stretchy knit of the socks combined with my uneven stitching created a pretty sad looking monkey. I'm torn on whether I can even give this to Baby Bird without feeling completely ashamed. Oh well, I tried! I haven't registered this little forlorn fellow just yet.

Tell me about your last failed DIY in the comments below. 

And, after much consideration, I decided to go ahead and give it to Baby Bird. Every toy deserves the love of a little girl or boy.


Kristin said...

aww you have to give it to him! It's adorable, it's unique, and it's made by his momma!

Amy said...

He will love it!! I think it's cute!

Kim said...

I decided to give it to him. I just need to replace his button eyes with embroidered eyes so he can't choke.

Kim said...

I hope he does! I've named him Forrest the Forlorn Monkey.