Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday Round-Up

In an effort to keep ourselves busy through K.'s hectic working month, Baby Bird and I have been traipsing all over the place.

  • Mondays, we attend a breastfeeding support group hosted by my birth doula, Amy (Embrace Doula). Baby Bird and I have been attending this group weekly since he was 5 weeks old. Spending time with likeminded mamas and their babies has been a great way to start my week.
  • Last Tuesday, we spent the day at my friend Michelle's home with her and her two beautiful children. Surprisingly, Baby Bird actually napped easily and was happy to have two toddlers up close and personal throughout the day. Michelle and I were pleased as punch to have each other as company for the day.
  • Wednesday, my father came to help out for the afternoon. He adores Baby Bird and was the nap-time salvation that day, as I could not get Baby Bird to sleep.
  • Thursday, I had a sushi lunch with long-time friend Jen. We had not gotten together since about 5 years ago - far too long if you ask me. I should have taken a photo of my spicy shrimp rolls, as they were mouth-wateringly delicious and the presentation was gorgeous.
  • Friday, (wracking my brain here. Totally have no idea what I did).
  • Saturday, I spent the day with a different longtime friend named Jenn. Baby Bird decided to grace us each with his very first and second sets of Angry Bird Eyes. I have to admit, those Angry Bird Eyes were just plain adorable.
  • Sunday, K., Baby Bird, and I went to get a professional family shoot done. Needless to say, I'm eager to get the sneak peak and final product.
Using all of his appendages to play with the toys.

On Thursday the 19th, Baby Bird turned 4 months old. I swear he was a helpless newborn just yesterday.  In the past month, he has:

  • Started giggling (this is by far the most adorable noise on the planet)
  • Starting screeching "just because".
  • Started the teething process with lots of drool and chewing
  • Given real hugs.
  • Making efforts to get his feet to his mouth (no success yet, but he is always holding those toes now)
  • Shown signs of perhaps being a lefty
  • Sprouted a bit more blonde fuzz on his noggin
We have a doctor's appointment coming up, so I'll publish his stats at that point. I suspect he's nearing 14lbs now - not bad for a baby who was 6 lbs 5 oz. at birth.

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